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Paria Khorram


I once saw this poster with the Shakespearian quote, “Though she is little, she is fierce.” I love this because I feel like it describes Paria in all aspects of life. She may be little, coming in at a whopping 5’1” (taller obviously with her heels which she's rarely seen without!), but is a fiercely loyal friend, a fierce warrior of a mother, and she is a fierce negotiator when it comes to her clients.

She's coming at you with 17 years of sales experience, and she wants to not only help you find your next home but for the best price possible! Her clients are like family, and each sale is personal... as if she were buying the properties herself. Paria wouldn’t want to overpay for a place, so why should you? She will be your voice and your advocate every step of the way.

Paria works with all budgets and in any neighborhood and all situations. When pressed, however, she would say her most favorite has to be working with first time home buyers with new construction coming a close second. She loves working with people who are not as familiar with real estate because it gives her a chance to bring proper education and awareness to each client. She's excellent at giving advice, and she knows exactly what to look out for when looking for that perfect abode. She has an eye for potential and loves being able to help her clients envision their future in each place.

Ready to sell your house? Paria is prepared to fight to get you top dollar for your home. She has a meticulous eye that can spot even the smallest detail that a potential buyer might see. Need help staging the place? She’ll help you rearrange the furniture and give you tips about how to make your property more desirable. She’ll walk you through every step and answer any questions you could come up with even if those questions come in at midnight.

Are you looking to build a home? Paria can help with that! She's worked with several builders in the metroplex and can help you navigate the landscape. Need help with picking out tile or countertops? She had fabulous taste. Need someone to have an awkward conversation with that project manager who just isn’t getting the job done? She doesn’t mind being the bad guy for her clients.

So, if you’re looking for someone who will fight for you to get the best deal on your dream home, look no further. She may be tiny, but she packs an enormous punch.

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